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Embers the Tonkinese, the Cat of the Day
Name: Embers
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tonkinese
Home: Brisbane, Australia
   My name is Embers. I am a twelve-year-old Tonkinese and live in Brisbane. I am very talkative and affectionate, and pretty much in charge! I'll let my human take over this now, I prefer talking to writing.

     Embers is a most affectionate cat who loves to play soccer with a crunched up piece of paper and also plays fetch. I throw a piece and she will chase it and bring it back for another go.

     Being a Tonkinese she is very talkative and always makes her demands known in a very vocal way. Embers loves to go for walks on a lead and also sits out the front of the house talking to anybody who stops to listen. Being an only child she is most demanding of affection and will sit on a lap for hours. We love her.

Embers the Tonkinese, the Cat of the Day Embers the Tonkinese, the Cat of the Day

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