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Natasha the Persian/Egyptian Mau
Name: Natasha
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Persian/Egyptian Mau
Home: Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA
   The first and most obviously thing that makes Natasha special is that she is drop dead gorgeous! And she knows it, too. Everyone who sees her can't believe how beautiful she is. Even the vets she has been too just go gaga over her.

     And amazingly enough, she was handed to me at a yard sale! There were many unkept Persians wandering around at the yard sale, and I asked the owner about them, and she told me how the momma persian had been visiting her friend' Egyptian Mau, and she didn't know the mama was in heat, and so there were kittens, and did I want to see them? Of course !!! Who wouldn't want to see kittens? She handed me Natasha, and it was love at first cuddle, and has been ever since. Her brother, Boris, who looks nothing like her, was adopted by a friend of mine.

     I feel like the cat gods opened their hearts that day, when I walked into that yard sale. Because she is very shy, and takes a long time to warm up to people, for the first few months of her life, I put a leash on her, and took her everywhere with me, to socialize her. No one could resist her - and she got used to people and places. She came home to live with my other two feline clowns- Fred and Ginger, who unfortunately have passed on. So it's just her and me, now. But even at age 8, she is playful, and curious and talkative. As with most cats, everything is on her terms ... from cuddle time, to play time, to her chosen diet: Fancy Feast, of course, for the fancy one.

     She will hide from most all visitors, except for my sister, who I think she senses has the same DNA, and so she comes out and interacts with her as if she were me. There are a couple of other friends that visit that she has grown fond of, also. She loves her cardboard scratcher, and it has become her bed, and she will find any available scrap of paper to make into a toy and bat around the house. Her favorite pass time is to sit on the patio and watch the bird feeder, which had made her very curious about 'outside', and a couple of times she has jumped past me when I open the door, which upsets me no end, but she will stop, look around, as if she can not figure out what to do, and then immediately jumps back inside. She is constantly entertaining, and I think she feels that I am, too!

Natasha the Persian/Egyptian Mau Natasha the Persian/Egyptian Mau Natasha the Persian/Egyptian Mau Natasha the Persian/Egyptian Mau

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