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Amy the Shorthair Cat
Name: Amy
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Dietenhausen, Hessen, Germany
   This is my kitten, her name is Amy. When she sleeps she is very sweet but, when she is awake she likes playing. If I play with her, she sometimes will bite me in my fingers. Amy is very funny because she climbs up the curtains. In the evening she sometimes sits down to me and sleeps. When she sleeps she dreams. I think she dreams of catching a mouse and twitches her paws.

     When she wakes up again, she plays with her sister Alice. They are so cute because they are still babies. When she gets frightened she gets a puffy tail. When the door opens, she always tries to escape, but we keep her inside. When the litter box has been made cleaned, Amy likes to be in it. I love her.

Amy the Shorthair Cat Amy the Shorthair Cat

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