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Flip Flop the Siberian Forest Cat
Name: Flip Flop
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siberian Forest Cat
Home: Batavia, Illinios, USA
   Flip Flop is our Siberian Forest Cat. That means he has very thick, soft fur that would keep him warm in very cold weather. He lives in the house with us, though. He is very cute and cuddly.

     Flip Flop always tries to wake our family up on his time. He sleeps with us, and waits for the kids after school is out. He know our routines and is good while we're away. He causes trouble sometimes and he flips cups over when we are home, probably to get our attention. In all, Flip Flop is purrfect!

Flip Flop the Siberian Forest Cat

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