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Scooby the Siamese mix
Name: Scooby
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese mix
Home: Longview, Texas, USA
   Hi. My name is Scooby. I have a lot of nicknames; Tooby, Toob-Tooby, Scooby Scooberson, Scoober, King Koopa, Creeper, etc. I am pretty sure I am the favorite animal and run the house. I live with my mom and dad in Longview, Texas. I am very handsome and I know it. I also have extra toes! Talk about special.

     My mama wasn't planning on getting me the day that she did. She was holding the door for a lady carrying a box into the pet store. The lady said thank you and asked if she wanted a free kitten! Mama said it was the best impulse decision ever. She said I was looking up at her with my big blue eyes and she knew I was the one. I was so dirty that she couldn't even tell I was Siamese! Mama scooped me up and took me home and gave me a bubble bath and decided to call me Scooby.

     My brothers and sisters that I grew up with were dogs ... I am pretty sure I am a dog too. I had two pit bull sisters and one cocker spaniel brother. I wrestled with them, we bathed each other, snuggled with each other, traveled together. I loved them. My most favorite was Zoey. She was like my mama. She wrestled extra gentle every day with me. We napped every day together. I loved her. When I was three, mama said she went to be with Jesus. I miss her so much. We all do. Now she is my angel.

     I use to travel on trips with everyone. My first trip was to Arkansas. We all went! I was really little. Mama said I woke up and peed on her. I couldn't hold it any longer! It was a long drive! I loved laying on the console and the dashboard. I was so little that I could stretch all the way out and enjoy the sunshine!

     I have lived in Longview, New Diana, Dallas, and then back to Longview. When we moved back to Longview, mama decided that she wanted to get me a friend to play with. She brought home a kitten! I was not happy. Dogs are not supposed to like cats and I am a dog, so I wanted nothing to do with her. I was so upset that I got really sick and had to go to the emergency vet for a whole weekend and almost died! It was scary. I didn't like it there. Mama said that is was really expensive, but I know I am worth it. I have never snuggled so much and loved everyone so much than when I got home. I like my sister now. Ok ok ... love her. Her name is Daphne. We call her Daffy. She is still a cat though ... and dogs aren't supposed to like cats. But since the other dogs do, then I guess I will too.

     My mama loves animals. She says we are her babies and we know that she loves us very very much. Mama brought home another dog last year. Her name is Figgy and she is half my size! Earlier this year, my pit bull sister Nilla went to be with Zoey in heaven. Nilla was a very special girl too. She was Dog of the Day on May 29th, 2016. Now I have two angels. Mama brought home another dog this year. Her name is Maggie and we are about the same size. I am starting to love her. I head butt her all the time. She gives me kisses.

     I love treaties, bites of ham, talking to myself at all hours of the night as loud as I possibly can, galloping down the hallway like a horse, going outside in the grass and exploring, sitting right next to my mom at ALL times, catnip mousies, stealing your chair at the dinner table, sweets, defending Daffy because only I can boss her around, making biscuits by my parents feet at night, chewing on the palm tree in the hallway, chewing on zippers on bags, and purring really loud ... my mama said that is her most favorite noise ever ... my purr. I love her.

     I have a good life. I love everyone in my family. But mama better not bring home anymore cats ... we dogs have to stick together.

Scooby the Siamese mix Scooby the Siamese mix Scooby the Siamese mix Scooby the Siamese mix

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