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Loo Loo the Cat
Name: Loo Loo
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
   The typical reaction when people meet Loo Loo is "That face!" Loo Loo is a pretty simple cat - as long as you meet her demands for pets and food, she will purr loudly (and I do mean loudly) to show her appreciation.

     I adopted Loo Loo unexpectedly. Her initial name - Alexi Shunday (she was originally adopted on Election Day) - was a bit much for this simple lass. Eventually it morphed from Lexi to Lexi Loo to just Loo Loo, which has been her name since I brought her home ten years ago.

     Loo Loo is meant to be cared for by humans. Her inability to see things that aren't moving make her a terrible mouser, and she's often afraid of any loud noise (the vacuum, blender, etc.). She likes to sit in the yard and munch on weeds, but will run inside if any human or car passes too closely. She is a sucker for a laser pointer. Her record is circling 14 times in a row. She also loves to pick up stuffed mice and meow as she carries them in her mouth throughout the apartment before dropping them in order to feed her non-existent babies. I am still baffled that Loo Loo is my only cat who has figured out how to get the treats out of the ball, but Big Loo's food motivation helps her overcome her limited mental capacity.

     Loo Loo is a true lady. She looks great in a hat and will often sit with her paws crossed unless you tempt her with belly rubs. Loo Loo has several spots that cause her to lick and/or kick uncontrollably. While you'd think Loo Loo would be the queen of the house, she often loses the battles picked by her brother Onyx. She, however, is quick to forgive and will often snuggle up next to him and encourage head licks.

     Loo Loo was a reluctant addition to my household and often came second to her brother Buddy (who passed in July 2015), but she has meowed her way into my heart and provides unconditional love and makes me smile when I return home from work.

Loo Loo the Cat Loo Loo the Cat Loo Loo the Cat Loo Loo the Cat

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