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Storm the Orange Tabby
Name: Storm
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby Domestic Shorthair
Home: Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
   We all love animals in our family and began volunteering last spring at a local animal shelter (Saving Paws). When our pet bunny died in October, my daughter asked if she could get a kitten (we have two female cats who are seven years old). We said yes and she picked out Storm from the shelter.

     After Storm and her littermates were born, but before they arrived at the shelter, they all caught a respiratory infection. Everyone recovered except for Storm - she still has drainage nearly daily from her eyes that we need to take care of. She was the last from her litter to be adopted.

     Storm is the perfect name for her. Her original name was Apricot, but my daughter renamed her because she is a flurry of energy. We like to joke that if we had a video camera on her 24 hours a day , she would be a YouTube star due to all of the silly things she does. Storm is a purr machine and loves to snuggle. Storm brings so much joy into our house.

Storm the Orange Tabby Storm the Orange Tabby Storm the Orange Tabby Storm the Orange Tabby Storm the Orange Tabby Storm the Orange Tabby

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