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Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat
Name: Perp
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mixed Hybrid Cat
Home: Houston, Texas, USA
   Introducing the Perp (short for Perpetrator). Initially named Muffin by my grandchildren, this cat was found as a kitten on a friend's property. But my friend has over 15 cats who did not exactly welcome the newcomer in spite of her sweet personality. In fact, the other cats were picking on this new little one who appeared to be the runt of a litter. We agreed to adopt her since we had recently lost two of our cats to old age. I told my grandkids that you don't have to name a cat right away- that you can wait till their personality emerges.

     Sure enough the former "Muffin's" personality blossomed as she joined our remaining two females. She loves to sneak up on them and pounce. She also hides in trees and chases squirrels. She has been seen hiding in trees when dogs stroll by and she is quite comfortable leaping on the roof of our patio home. When someone walks down the street, she greets them and rolls over in a "love collapse" if they speak to her. All my neighbors know her. She is the queen of the block.

     So the grandkids now call her "The Perp" exclusively- when they visit they always ask "what has Perp been up to?" Now only the veterinarian knows her as Muffin.

Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat Perp the Mixed Hybrid Cat

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