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Lucy Lou the Maine Coon Cat
Name: Lucy Lou
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon Cat
Home: Somerset, Ohio , USA
   Lucy Lou has quite the unique personality. She enjoys laying in the sunlight in the mornings as well as waiting for you at the door when you return from a hard days work. She loves to play fetch with her family. Her favorite item to fetch is a hair tie. She also loves to play with her favorite green ball. She loves a good belly rub and scratch under her chin. She doesn't have a favorite place to nap, instead anywhere she can fit she claims to be her sleeping throne. Her spunky personality always keeps her family on their toes, and never fails to make you smile.

     She is our first Maine Coon! She actually joined our family when our daughter was driving home from college for thanksgiving break. She saw a sign for free kittens at a farm and stopped, and of course fell in love with Lucy! Very thankful she did, as she now has a loving family and great home. She has to be brushed almost every other day it seems like. She has a lot of hair! And we are always vacuuming. Her hair is like tumbleweeds in the desert through the house. Her personality is very unique. She plays hard to get one minute and the next she is jumping on your lap for a good scratch. She loves to play fetch with hair ties. But also loves to be lazy!

Lucy Lou the Maine Coon Cat Lucy Lou the Maine Coon Cat Lucy Lou the Maine Coon Cat Lucy Lou the Maine Coon Cat

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