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Dylylah the Domestic Shorthair mix
Name: Michonne Phoebe-Dylylah
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Shorthair mix
Home: Arizona, USA
   When we first got our cat, we were arguing on what to call her, her name was Dahlia but mispronounced as Delilah. A couple of names we had mulled over was Michonne, Phoebe and Dylylah because I really liked that name. In the end, none of them stuck, so, her names were now; Kitty, Meow-Meow (which she responds to very well), but, Michonne Phoebe-Dylylah is her formal name, but I introduce her as Dylylah.

      Upon first meeting our dogs, she was extremely scared of them, and they, of course, wanted to eat her. But, within a week, they were fine with one another.

      We taught our youngest dog to play with the kitty, we gave her a command like; "go get the kitty!" or "where is the kitty?" Jazzmine would run and jump on the cat, Dylylah held her own easily and often chased Jazz away.

      She's very playful and loves to chase laser pointers and play with balls. If you throw a ball, she will chase after it, unless the dogs get to it first. Sometimes, when Jazz is sleeping, the cat will lick her face over and over again and then bite her ear, which results in them play fighting a bit.

      She tends to be curious about outside and a bit of a door dasher, so we've gotta watch her about that. She tends to be food driven, just like our oldest dog. And, if you meow at her, she'll meow back and she'll even come when called... on her own time at least. She is a cat, after all.

Dylylah the Domestic Shorthair mix Dylylah the Domestic Shorthair mix Dylylah the Domestic Shorthair mix Dylylah the Domestic Shorthair mix

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