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Uno the Persian/Norwegian Forest Cat
Name: Uno
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Persian/Norwegian Forest Cat
Home: Brokvik, Norway
   Uno has the most amazing fur, his face is perfectly beautifully shaped, and he knows how majestic he is. He is a mix of Persian and Norwegian Forest Cat, which is why his fur is so soft. His whiskers are really long, too. Uno is the boss in the neighborhood!

     When we got him as a baby, his eyes were still almost blue, and he loved climbing the curtains and attacking our feet. He thankfully grew out of both those habits!

     Last April Uno disappeared, we searched and searched everywhere possible, but he was nowhere to be found! Seven months later, he suddenly came home, looking at us like we had been away! What a joy and thankfulness it was to our family. We love him very much.

Uno the Persian/Norwegian Forest Cat Uno the Persian/Norwegian Forest Cat

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