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Nala the Brown Tabby
Name: Nala
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Brown Tabby
Home: Canada
   For a while I was planning to get a kitten. So this lady fosters these animals that are waiting to be adopted, and we decided to get a kitten there. She had three kittens which were females and they were ready to get a home, but I could only choose one. It was kind of a tough choice, one was black, one was gray, and this brown tabby one. The black one was cuddly but really lazy and barely moved around, and the gray one was pretty shy, but Nala was really playful and loved to chase the cat toys around, so I chose to adopt her.

     Now I can tell you Nala is one of the best pets I have had and cutest kitten ever. She's very playful and always tries to find a way to entertain herself. She does things like going inside bags, run around the house, and anything else to keep her energy going! This was her first Christmas, and she found the tree fascinating. I'm looking forward to keeping her for a long time.

Nala the Brown Tabby Nala the Brown Tabby Nala the Brown Tabby

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