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Kissa the Ragdoll
Name: Kissa
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Redmond, Washington, USA
   I adopted Kissa from the local Humane Society 15 years ago when she was five. For me it was love at first sight. In her younger days, she was extremely affectionate and loved to be brushed. However, three years ago, she was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and since then, she is a little finicky about affection. Could it be that the hydration and pilling she receives three times per week make her leery of being touched? It certainly would for me! Never the less, she is our baby girl, love muffin, purr machine and we are so grateful to have found her those many years ago.

     It is not like Kissa no longer welcomes affection. She is just a little more finicky about it. Whereas she used to love to be brushed, now she tolerates it. She still loves to be cradled like a baby and to have her belly rubbed. She was and is the loudest purrer, albeit now with some snores mixed in. She loves to nuzzle us, wiping her nose on our faces and if she wakes up to find us in another room, she meows to let us know she is not happy that we have left her service. She is a quiet girl and speaks with her paws, tapping us to get our attention. Without fail, she taps me awake around 4 am, leads me to her bowl and waits until I stir the food in her dish. Then she eats. She is the undisputed queen of our household, we her mere servants.

     She has no fear of strangers. As a younger cat, she demanded the attention of all who entered our home. Now, she will sometimes investigate guests, but more often she sleeps through the hubbub. She was and still is a heat seeker, going after our chests, laps, the spot in front of the fireplace, her heated bed or the occasional sunshine that makes it through the Seattle rain. She used to play catch with us, or rather she trained us to fetch! She would bat her toy mouse our way and we would toss it back to her and she would bat it at us again. Alas, the toy mice languish (while the real ones frolic).

Kissa the Ragdoll Kissa the Ragdoll Kissa the Ragdoll Kissa the Ragdoll

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