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Amey the Siamese/Tabby mix
Name: Amey
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese/Tabby mix
Home: Upper Sandusky, Ohio, USA
   Amey is special because of his personality. He will love and cuddle like a cat, but he will also play fetch and things like a dog. It's like having the best of both worlds. He will follow me around, and will wait outside the bathroom door for me to finish whatever I'm doing. If I leave home without him, he will be right there when I come back, just purring his head off, happy to see me.

     Amey is not my first cat. My first cat was a farm cat that we named Smokey, and his death is what made me decide to get another cat. Smokey was my baby, I got him when I was in third grade. He was about eight years old, and this past spring while I was in NY with my school choir, he died. Well, I was devastated, and my family could see that I was taking really rough, but despite my sadness, I didn't want another cat. My aunt, on the other hand, had other ideas, so one day she took me out to her friends house because her cat had kittens. So I was looking at them, and Amey appealed to me, but I still wasn't sure. I was still upset, couldn't stand the thought of replacing Smokey. But about three weeks later we went back, and I chose Amey.

     Amey's name was originally Amethyst, because I thought he was a girl, and that day, I happened to be wearing my class ring, which had an amethyst stone in it for my birth stone, and the stone almost looked black in some lights and Amey was right there so I decided on Amethyst. Well, my dad, who doesn't have his front teeth, couldn't pronounce his name, so we called him Amey for short. About a week after we got him, we took him to his first vet's appointment and found out that Amey wasn't a girl, but he was so used to Amey. We ended up changing his full name to Amazon, but we still just call him Amey.

     Amey loves attention, and will go to anyone to get it. He doesn't like crowds too much, but he's getting better. He loves car rides. For about the first ten minutes, he'll sit up on my lap looking through the car windows and purr, and then he'll settle down, curl up and just sleep the rest of the ride. He does, however, seem to be afraid of the dark. If we are driving somewhere at night, he'll just whine and whine at the windshield, and even when we're at home, after the lights go out, he has to be near me, or he just whines and meows.

     Amey loves it when I scratch my nails on the bed sheets to where they make noise. He will get into a crouch and start rubbing his face all over anything around him just before he pounces. That is one of his favorite games. At night, he'll lay on my pillows and play with my hair. He loves toes, and loves burrowing into my loose blankets or my coat if I leave it laying around. If I'm not around, I'm told he finds something of mine to curl up on. And probably my favorite thing about Amey is that if I'm upset or crying, he's right there comforting me.

Amey the Siamese/Tabby mix Amey the Siamese/Tabby mix Amey the Siamese/Tabby mix Amey the Siamese/Tabby mix

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