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Bella the Moggie
Name: Bella
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Moggie
Home: England, UK
   Bella is special to me because she is like a ball of fluff she is the most funniest cat I know, she poses in front of the camera when I do my photography shoots on her. This cat really is amazing in her own little way, she maybe a rascal at times but she really is amazing. I love playing with her even when she is rough but hey, it's fun! Bella loves charging through the house when she's in a rush for dinner, its like, "Here she comes!" Bella is very quiet and hardly has a meow if you can count a very quiet kitten meow. She's dead cute too.

     She's very quirky, a fighter and survivor of a very serious car accident in which she lost her hip. Because she knows she is loved by us so much, Bella manged to jump over a six-foot fence and crawl through the cat flap and then collapsing. We thought she might not make it but because she was so young, just three years old then, the vet was able to save her and now she's living life to the full and happy bounding around the house like a mad thing. We also have three other cats she gets on so well with them and it's cute to see them all bounding in their own little way.

     Bella also loves to play with my rabbit, she's never hurt him, she's never hurt anyone or another living thing. She really is something! I'm just glad she came into our lives and brings so much joy and laughter into our family. Much love to you Bella!

Bella the Moggie Bella the Moggie Bella the Moggie Bella the Moggie

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