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Jody the European Shorthair
Name: Jody
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: European Shorthair
Home: Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany
   We found this kitten last December cold, dehydrated and near death. We brought her to the vet, who said she would have a 10% chance to survive, but she made it. The first two months she was hiding and only came out at night to eat. But then she became more inquisitive and began to trust us.

     She is still a bit shy and sometimes she is even frightened by her own movements (for example if her tail wags and she notices it), but meanwhile she follows me at least into the garden (where she is convinced everything sooo creepy!). Also she loves cuddling and likes even to be stroked on the belly. Because of her sweet and high meow, most of the time we call her "Maus" (German for "mouse"). If you talk to her, she answers. We love her and are glad she beat the odds! She never has to worry about being abandoned ever again, she has her home with us.

Jody the European Shorthair

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