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Cheyenne the Abyssinian
Name: Cheyenne
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Santa Cruz, California, USA
   You have all met my kitten Puma on this site, and since then, as promised, I have acquired her step-sister, Cheyenne, a blue female Abyssinian, born March ninth of this year.

     Cheyenne and Puma took to each other immediately, so much so I had to introduce them to each other earlier than expected as they knew another cat was on the other side of the door, and wanted to meet and play very, very much. Since they met, they have become inseparable playmates, generally sleeping in their cozy bed wrapped around each other.

     Cheyenne loves playing with the dangling feather toy, leaping into the air to capture it, and quickly loved doing similar antics with a rotating butterfly toy as well. The two girls, Puma and Cheyenne, finally make my home complete, and they are a true joy to watch and play with. I chose her because of wanting a blue Aby girl to be with my ruddy girl.

     She doesn't talk a lot, but follows me around the house; and she is an excellent leaper. The bird feather fishing pole she just jumps in the air and grabs. Also, like most kittens, she is extremely inquisitive. Everything must be examined, and today she discovered the house plants. So far, the plants are surviving.

     I've read that Abys are not considered lap cats, but both she and Puma often sleep on my shoulder or chest. I guess that's close enough to lap.

     As I mentioned, she bonded with Puma right away; both wrestle, play, and chase each other for hours, then end up wrapped around each other in their kitty bed. They do have their differences, though. While Puma likes the taste of kitty toothpaste and lets me start a cleaning program on her, Cheyenne actually seems afraid of it and runs from me if I put a dab on my finger. I have two flavors, I will try another. Rather odd, I'd say.

     And it is true of Abys if not all kittens, that she wants to be where the action is. If I'm at the kitchen counter, you can bet Cheyenne is up there, too, checking everything out, and giving it her approval. She's been with me and little over two weeks and has quickly become a part of the family. She and Puma are my best companions.

Cheyenne the Abyssinian Cheyenne the Abyssinian Cheyenne the Abyssinian

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