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Gatsby the Tuxedo Longhair
Name: Gatsby
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Tuxedo Longhair
Home: Independence, Missouri, USA
   I got Gatsby from my vet about four and a half years ago. He didn't know much about him, but told me that he had been left behind when renters fled. He was nearly starved, and riddled with fleas. The doc took him and nursed him back to health. I like clever names for cats and dogs so I tried to think of a good one for him. A friend suggested Gatsby, and with his luxurious long coat, it was perfect. He is a splendid Tuxedo, and the name suits him. I have no idea of his age. He could be 5 or 15, known only to him. I am guessing toward up around 10 as he was fully grown, neutered, and front claws removed. Just about four months after he arrived, I got a second dog from the SPCA. The Gatster took an instant dislike to him in spite of Jethro's many invitations to play or just be friends.

     After the passing of my other cat, I was distraught. Many of you will probably be horrified at this but my family has always believed in immediately acquiring another with all due speed. Look at it from the perspective of the new pet-The pounds are bursting at the seams with kitties and pups, pleading for new homes, why make them wait? Now as far as a cat or dog, I am looking for pet quality not show, so I look at the pound or craigslist. That is where I found Lil' Dickens. Gatsby went right away to make him feel at home, and now they are inseparable.

     Most cats have an odd habit or two, and Gatsby's biggest foible is wandering thru the house, as soon as the lights go down. I always seem to have baskets of clean laundry around, and he helps himself to a sock or undies, crying piteously, as if he had been left behind. Sometimes there are as many as 10 socks, in a trail from laundry/cat room to my bedroom. He is mad as a hatter, loves catnip, and is fascinated in my pouring the dog's water into their bowl. I do not allow kitties onto the counters so this is as close as he gets to running water.

     I recently noticed his pupils are almost as large in an everyday setting as in those pictures. On the rare occasion he deigns to jump up on my lap, he studies the landscape for a long while. Then he jumps up on the arm of the chair, and stands looking around, to see if he can turn around and face the computer screen. I think he is probably losing his sight, so I guess that necessitates a trip to the vet in the near future. He is a sweet happy boy, and I hope he has many more days with us.

Gatsby the Tuxedo Longhair Gatsby the Tuxedo Longhair

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