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Lil' Dickens the Tabby
Name: Lil' Dickens
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Independence, Missouri, USA
   Lil' Dickens is a common Tabby, although I think them uncommonly pretty. He was a scrawny teen when he came to live here (in cat years,) so my best estimate as to his age is about three and a half to four years old. I got him from Craigslist, and had to drive a ways to get him. They wanted a bit of warning before I showed up so they could wrangle him to help me get him secured in the carrier. He really didn't want any part of me or my carrier, but we had a bit of a drive to get home, so he was a bit calmer by the time we got home.

     I first took him into the bathroom and let him out. He is endlessly curious, and still even now a bit jumpy. Dickens was very shy at first, but one pull on his tail, and he did a great flop on the floor. I instinctively reached for his belly for a rub, to see if he was ticklish. He wasn't but decided that was the move to warm his heart. He follows me throughout the house, and out in the yard, but still isn't a lap cat at all. My older cat Gatsby took to him instantly, and even though Dickens has all claws intact, he doesn't use them against his adoptive brother.

     I got him the day Lil' Jimmy Dickens, a country singer famous for singing, "May the Bird of Paradise fly up your Nose" passed away, so he ended up being called Lil' Dickens, but he is often called 'Little Man,' my Swain, or any number of goofy names. Dickens has a very sweet disposition, and isn't bothered by the dogs.

     If he has an odd trait, this morning I wrote this, I woke up to find two dead moles on my floor, courtesy of Dickens. He is a prolific killer, and so I do not feed the birds, but he is good about moles and mice.

Lil' Dickens the Tabby Lil' Dickens the Tabby

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