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Kiwi the Maine Coon mix
Name: Kiwi
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon mix
Home: Maine, USA
   Kiwi is a little Maine Coon, Tabby, Calico mix. We live in Maine in the United States of America. We found Kiwi when she was about three months old abandoned in a parking lot. She was so tiny, and cute we had to take her home - a parking lot is no place for a helpless kitten!

     The first few nights we had her home, although loving towards us she hated all of our other cats and pets. She quickly grew to realize she wasn't the boss and now tries her best to be friends with the other animals. Kiwi has learned to come to her own name and lift up her arms to you when she wants to leave a room! If Kiwi gets too rowdy all you have to do is scratch under her chin and behind her ears and she will fall right asleep. She's affectionate and cuddly when she wants to be but she's very playful.

Kiwi the Maine Coon mix Kiwi the Maine Coon mix Kiwi the Maine Coon mix

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