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Elvin the Shorthair mix
Name: Elvin Lee Mustachio
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: ShortHair Mix
Home: Kentucky, USA
   Elvin Lee Mustachio, otherwise known as just Elvin, has been in the family for six years now! He was purchased from a random pet store that I don't even recall the name of and was originally purchased for my older sister. She decided to creatively mix her name, Elysa, and my stepbrother's name, Kevin, to get Elvin. The rest of his name was just sort of added over the next few weeks that we had him. Elvin was very independent as a kitten and didn't really cling to any specific person, but, as my sister got older and so did he, he chose me. I fell in love with Elvin from the moment I saw that kitten in my sister's lap. This cat has become my companion and I couldn't imagine my life without him.

     Now, Elvin is eight years old and weighs sixteen pounds. My family teases Elvin about his weight all the time, but he makes for a better pillow since he's larger than most cats. Even though Elvin has gotten old, he still has a lot of energy and loved to play with fake mice. Speaking of mice, Elvin is a great hunter. Whenever there is a mouse in the house, Elvin is our main man. He's normally the first one in the house to spot it, too. Sometimes he likes to play with it first, but eventually he gets the job done and takes the dead mouse to someone in the house. I find Elvin very unique because of the white diamond and mustache on his face. Elvin is a faithful pet and seems to know when I'm upset or stressed. When I need someone, he's always right there waiting to be petted. Elvin is more trustworthy than most humans I know and I love every pound of him!

Elvin the Shorthair mix Elvin the Shorthair mix

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