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Puma the Abyssinian
Name: Puma
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Santa Cruz, California, USA
   After having lost my last cat at 17 years of age due to kidney disease in May of 2016, it has been a lonely time. I finally knew the time was right, and having always loved the Abyssinian, was able to acquire a nine-week-old female ruddy Aby (she will get a step sister very soon, too)!

     So may I introduce "Puma" (becaue she looks like a little mountain lion). Naturally, she was scared at first, preferring to hide, but within 24 hours began to run to me from her hiding places when I called her; and by the second full day with me had run of the house, typical kitten inquisitive nature and boundless energy, plus a serious mission in eating my fingers at 3 a.m. :) She generally sleeps curled up to my neck, and is just such a fun girl to have around. Truly a life changing experience.

Puma the Abyssinian

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