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Elly the Cat
Name: Elly
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cat (maybe Mau)
Home: Lucknow, India
   Hello. My name is Megha and this is my beautiful, elegant kitten Elly. She's five months old and I searched on Google about her breed and it showed the breed is "Egyptian Mau Bronze" (wow) or so it said... I'm not very sure about her breed, but all the cats I have are the same breed. She lives with her three troublesome brothers (Lucky the eldest, Yuri and Louis The Third) and her mother (Lily) whom I adopted from roadside as a kitten. Elly's father is a stray as well, but is surprisingly loyal. He often comes to meet them and Lily.

     Her speciality is that Elly likes to live like complete royalty, never mind her humble beginnings. Her eyes always says "Call me madam" so sometimes I do call her, "Your Highness." She never kisses, even when all other cats and kittens do. *sighs* I guess I'm too lowly for her Highness. But she does allow my hand to pet her. Of all the lovely cats and kittens I have, she's easily the most beautiful one. She doesn't take any nonsense and beats up her brothers if they bother her. She likes to play outside. Her ultimate confidence, attitude and elegance makes me proud to have her. And I love her very much.

Elly the Cat Elly the Cat

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