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Maloulou the Orange Tabby
Name: Maloulou
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Orange Tabby
Home: Mauritius Island
   My mum likes to call her a little miracle. She's been through three surgeries. The first time the vet told us that it was risky and that she could die. It was a really stressful day waiting for the surgery to be done but thanks God she made it through. The last time it was for her teeth, she had all of them removed. She can now eat everything she wants without it being painful. She is really picky with what she eats and even has her favorite cat food. She is so spoiled, just like a princess. I will never be able to thank the vets enough for what they did.

     I still remember when I first found her, she was so small. She came into our garden, together with her brother. We took both inside but then later their mum was looking for them. Her brother went back but she stayed with us. That day we weren't the one who adopted her, she's the one who adopted us as her new family. Now she's 10 years old and it's been 10 years that she is with us. And hopefully we will get to spend many more years with her.

     She brightens our day. Whenever we feel down, she is always here to make us feel better, with her little licks on our face as if she is telling us to not be sad or to stop crying. We never get tired of looking at everything she does. Even if we already saw all of it before, but it never ceases to surprise us. The way she will go look for her paper ball and bring it to us so that we play with her. Or the way she will rub her nose against mine whenever I ask for a kiss. And so many other little things that always bring a smile on our face.

     Some people might think we are crazy to be like this towards a cat but for us she's more than just an animal. She's family for us, our guardian angel and my little sister as I adore calling her like this.

Maloulou the Orange Tabby Maloulou the Orange Tabby

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