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Molino the Tabby Shorthair
Name: Molino
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby Shorthair
Home: Germany
   Hello, my name is Ulrike. I've got a male cat, his name is Molino and I like him. Molino is a comfortable and friendly pet. He's four years old. At night he sleeps on my bed near my feet and warms them up when it is winter. We feed Molino two times a day, but he's always hungry if you believe him. Molino likes to sleep on my school books when I do my homework. He has his own window box. But every day he goes outside. Molino doesn't like the dog of our neighbor, but he's faster than the dog. When he is in our garden Molino tries to catch mice and birds. One day he brought a frog into my sister's room!

     I think he can understand me if I talk with Molino. He's very clever! My whole family loves Molino very much.

Molino the Tabby Shorthair

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