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Mungo the American Short Hair
Name: Mungo
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Short Hair
Home: Ontario, Canada
   Mungo - also known as Mung-Mung - is our handsome kitty. Mung-Mung is a delightful boy. He is extremely vocal (his purrs often sound like a duck) and will do anything to get petted or lounge with his family. Mungo is a good sport and puts up with the numerous outfits and pictures that he is subjected to - he's got to get famous somehow!

     Mungo rules the house and thinks he's a dog (he's the only cat in a house of four dogs). He comes when called, sits on command, and waits for his evening snack with the dogs. He is best friends with our black lab Sadie and will spend hours lying together in front of the fire.

     He's a cutie who is a nuisance in his spare time. Our family couldn't ask for a better cat.

Mungo the American Short Hair Mungo the American Short Hair

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