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Bosco the Shorthair Cat
Name: Bosco
Age: Ten plus years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Shorthair Cat
Home: Middletown, Connecticut, USA
   Having followed in the footsteps of our infamous White Knight, the late Sir André, Big Daddy Bosco has adopted our herd of cats as his very own. We say his breed is Dark and Sweet!

     His calm and loving nature brings peace to our household and is worshipped by all his younger adoptees. Bosco stepped into a much needed role as father, friend and partner to our clan of five other felines who needed his protection, guidance and ear washings. He has even taken our new (human) grandson under his protective paw and also puts that beautiful big paw on the window screen in greeting to the little girl who lives next door.

     Bosco left his former life as a professional boxer and athlete by the name of Bosco Buskevich, when Sir André passed him the torch to fulfill his regal seat of power. Bosco Bear now enjoys his favorite retirement retreat in our wonderful sun porch. Live long and prosper, Big Daddy. We are all your willing servants!!

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