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Noodle the Ragdoll
Name: Noodle
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ragdoll
Home: Eureka, California, USA
   My roommate got her for me and she has become my best friend. I got her around Halloween (the best holiday ever) when she was three months old. She loves to cuddle and gives me belly rubs when I ask. She loves cardboard boxes and will wait patiently for me to empty one for her to sit in whether it's far too small or not. (See her with the Guinness box, for example.) She is also very obedient and playful.

     Noodle is extremely affectionate. She doesn't do any tricks, but she knows what some words mean like No, Out or Down and listens. She loves shoes, too. If you leave them out (especially boots) she will lay in them and purr for hours. She's pretty independent but still loves to be a companion so she's somewhere in the middle. Her favorite toy is a little furry pink mouse that she flings around the house. She also loves the vacuum and meeting new people, and puppies!

Noodle the Ragdoll Noodle the Ragdoll

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