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Boots the Cat
Name: Boots
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Calumet, Michigan, USA
   Boots is nine years old. He is super lazy. He is so lazy that he will sit in one place for about two hours. He will sometimes be grumpy when you pet him in the wrong spot. I remember getting him when I he was a kitten. We got him for Christmas from my aunt. He loves me and his whole family so much that he will hardly ever get mad. When he does get mad it is only when someone is mean to him, or pets him what he considers “wrong.”

     Boots is not fussy, he will eat almost anything you give him. He gets along with his four brothers nicely, but one of the four hates other cats. He does not get along with Bear, though. Bear is one of my dogs. He does get along with the other dog. I would not trade the world for him or any other pet. He also looks fat but when you cuddle with him you find out he is just very fluffy. He is also my oldest cat. He is so cute.

Boots the Cat

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