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Miecia the Domestic Longhair
Name: Miecia
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Domestic Longhair
Home: Zywiec, Poland
   Miecia is the cutest cat ever! She is purrfect and very smart cat. She likes to have her photo taken, and we share her pictures with everyone. When she was a baby she had the bluest eyes, but they turned to the pretty yellow you see now as she grew. She has a friend who is a British Blue that sometimes stays with us, so they make a cute pair, two cats of the same color but with different fur. Miecia is so sweet and her fur is quite soft. I love her very much.

     I hope you know her because she has her own youtube channel and facebook account - they are both called MieciaTheCat. Greetings from both of us!

Miecia the Domestic Longhair Miecia the Domestic Longhair Miecia the Domestic Longhair Miecia the Domestic Longhair

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