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Onyx the Tabby
Name: Onyx
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
   After my beloved cat Buddy passed away, I search for months for another cat. Knowing my lady Loo Loo needed a friend who was willing to tolerate snuggles and provide an occasional head lick, I was in search of a cat who would be a good fit for our household.

     I was searching the Oshkosh Humane Association's website daily, and I spotted Onyx and fell instantly in love. I picked him up on my initial visit, and he melted in my arms. His handsome face and unusual markings made him stand out from the other cats in the room. I filled out the paperwork immediately and brought him home in November 2014.

     Onyx was immediately curious and wanted to explore the house and curl up into laps. Loo was at first hesitant, but Onyx graciously accepted her hisses until she decided he was friend and not foe.

     Onyx is a unique cat in so many ways. He growls when he hears someone at the door, plays fetch with his toys, and loves to be held like a baby on his back. He will often kick his legs over his head and rub up against his own foot while he's snuggled in your arms. I'll carry him around while I make my morning coffee, and he'll be perfectly content, purring away.

     Onyx is a natural hunter. In addition to a large stuffed monkey he drags around my apartment, he has also caught and killed a couple mice. He loves to chase stuffed mice and will happily hop in any available box (even if it's too small - he'll make it work). If given free reign, birds would likely be his prey of choice. He loves to leap after toys in the air, capturing them with his mouth and dragging them to the ground.

     Onyx loves to sit by the radiator. His favorite spot in the apartment is a bench with a soft blanket in front of the radiator and windows where he can get plenty of sun. An open window or a trip outdoors makes Onyx incredibly happy. Although, he does not enjoy a leash and can only be outside with strict supervision since he is naturally curious and has little fear.

     Onyx, or Onnie, has filled my heart and made the loss of Buddy easier. I feel incredibly fortunate that I've been able to give him a second home, and I can't imagine who could part with such a sweet, happy cat who craves human attention.

Onyx the Tabby Onyx the Tabby Onyx the Tabby Onyx the Tabby

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