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Miss Ruthie the Calico
Name: Miss Ruthie
Age: Deceased, Thirteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Calico Cat
Home: Lake Luzerne, New York, USA
   Over many years (45) we have always shared our home with an assortment of cats and dogs (mostly they found us!). And we loved each and every one of them for their own special ways. Three years ago our very last kitty passed and we were resigned to her being out last pet. We are becoming "people of a certain age" (ha!) and the thought of leaving behind a dear pet was not something we wanted. Although we would toss around the thought of only adopting an "older" pet.

     One evening I sat at my computer and began "surfing" our local shelters (dangerous!). And while visiting one site I saw a photo of the most endearing cat staring so beguilingly out at me. Well ... long story short, we did go down to the shelter and did adopt "Miss Ruthie." Although I must confess, when the young lady handed her over to me from her cage, I realized she was one of those "large" felines who my better senses announced, "Lot's of medical issues!"

     She was purported to be 10 years old. But when we all went into the "visiting room" and the attendant threw a little ball across the floor Miss Ruthie scooted so quickly and gracefully after it, I thought,"She looks like one of those "elephant ballerinas on a rolling ball at the circus," but so dainty and elegant. And frankly, once I had held her I just couldn't put her back in her cage!

     One of the biggest surpises about Miss Ruthie when we got her home was that we found she was deaf. And the shelter hadn't known that. We had the honor and delight to be caretakers of Miss Ruthie for about three years, until she became ill and passed from our lives. She loved her food, her fireplace and her screen porch. What a girl, and she deserved her nickname "Her Highness!"

     P.S. We have recently given a new home to a feral kitty a friend found on her property. When she took her to the vet to be sure she wasn't pregnant, the vet announced that she was a) spayed and b) was about twelve to fourteen years old! Her name is Sweetpea ... We've humorously announced we're becoming the feline old folks home!

Miss Ruthie the Calico Miss Ruthie the Calico Miss Ruthie the Calico

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