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Pepper the Tuxedo Shorthair
Name: Pepper
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tuxedo Shorthair
Home: Berlin, Germany
   Hi, this is Pepper. She is a lovely, two-year-old cat and we love her very much. Early in the morning, Pepper always jumps unto my bed to wake me up. I do not need an alarm clock with Pepper on the job.

     She wants to be stroked a lot and likes to chase a flashlight. Pepper always joins us during holidays. She even has been in Holland with us.

     She is very adventurous, and loves climbing on trees and goes on our balcony whenever she can. It is like she knows her kitty ancestors lived in trees. One of her favorite places in our house is on top of the guinea pig cage. We love her very much.

Pepper the Tuxedo Shorthair

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