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Whiskey the Ginger Tabby
Name: Whiskey
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ginger Tabby
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   Whiskey is definitely unique and unlike any cat I've ever owned before. I'm pretty sure he's also part dog as he comes when called, loves playing fetch and craves his good kitty pets. He is very vocal and is a completely reliable alarm clock, making sure we get out of bed at his whim. He loves being outside and asks us all day long if he can go but we can't let him without supervision because he enjoys escaping the backyard to explore the neighborhood.

     He got a new baby sister named Zoe last year and he instantly (well almost instantly) fell in love with her and takes super good care of her. When they aren't play fighting, they are snuggling and grooming each other. He is constantly finding new and exciting ways to get into mischief. and probably only has about three lives left as a result. He once pushed the window screen out of our bedroom window and fell down two stories to the concrete below!

     He is our big, beautiful, cuddly boy and we love him like crazy.

Whiskey the Ginger Tabby Whiskey the Ginger Tabby Whiskey the Ginger Tabby Whiskey the Ginger Tabby

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