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Piper the Maine Coon mix
Name: Piper
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine coon Mix
Home: Abingdon, Illinois, USA
   When my mother worked at the local pet store a few years ago, five very different kittens came into the store. They were rescued from a kitty mill that had recently been discovered and shut down. Sadly their mother was never found with them. Piper stood out from her siblings. She had downy white fur and spots like a calico. Believe it or not she was also the runt of the litter.

     At the time we were mourning the loss of a cat we had before named Wolfy and told ourselves we wouldn't get another cat for awhile. However, mom always formed a strong bond with the animals at the pet store and when it came time for the kittens to be adopted she knew her friends and coworkers had their eye on Piper. She couldn't bear to see the little fluff ball leave and adopted her before anyone else could get their hands on her.

     Since then she has become an important part of our family. She is very mischievous and adventurous little tom boy. Her personality is as big as her long fluffy tail. You can always hear the thud of her big paws causing some kind of ruckus throughout the house. She likes to cuddle with her humans but she is also very sassy so it is most definitely on her own terms if she chooses you as a pillow. Her favorite pass times include, antagonizing the dog, rough-housing with her brother Gizmo, and climbing on things she shouldn't.

Piper the Maine Coon mix Piper the Maine Coon mix Piper the Maine Coon mix

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