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Bella the British Shorthair
Name: Bella
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: British Shorthair
Home: Sheffield, England, UK
   This is Bella, one of our British Shorthair kittens. She is just ten months old. We think she's photogenic, and is a pretty girl.

     Bella is very independent, she's not one for cuddles on demand. She loves her food, and she adores her daily brush to keep her fur looking its very best. She's one of five British shorthairs in the family, I have her brother too.

     Of all her food, Bella loves her tuna best of all. And she is a vocal girl - she loves to carry her toys around in her mouth, meowing at the same time: it's so cute! She's a very happy girl and we all love her.

Bella the British Shorthair
Bella the British Shorthair

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