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Binx the Snow Shoe Siamese
Name: Binx
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Snow Shoe Siamese
Home: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
   Binx found his way into our hearts the week of Valentines Day! His previous owners didn't want him because he turned out to be a male! Well it was their loss and our gain!

     He has definitely became a big part of our family! He plays and hunts at night. I make jokes about him being part raccoon, because if I don't tie up all the trash cans and make sure no food bags are left out, he will definitely dig and eat everything!

     I've always had dogs and never really cared for cats, but it seems like he was made by God just for me. I spoil him rotten and he's my little king! We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!

Binx the Snow Shoe Siamese
Binx the Snow Shoe Siamese
Binx the Snow Shoe Siamese

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