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Pixie the Siamese
Name: Pixie
Age: Twelve weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: Willow Spring, North Carolina, USA
   He is a polydactyl Flame (or red) Point Siamese kitten that I rescued from a bad situation. We were told he was a girl, so my son named "her" Pixie. When we learned he was a boy, my son said, "Boys can be pixies, too." And that's just what he is.

     I've actually had Siamese cats my whole life, a total of eight all together. Currently I have a chocolate point girl who has decided she is Pixie's mama, and a Snowshow girl who is rather too old to be interested in a kitten, other than his tasty kitten food if she can get it. Pixie is just like his name: quick and curious and fearless. Right now he likes hiding under beds and jumping out when you walk by, and chasing his feather toy.

     He was a little afraid at first due to the circumstances under which we rescued him, but after a few weeks of good care, he's a super cuddlebug and prefers to sleep up by my neck, whenever possiblw. He loves to chat, as most Siamese tend to and he already has his demands.

Pixie the Siamese
Pixie the Siamese
Pixie the Siamese
Pixie the Siamese

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