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Beans the Cat
Name: Beans
Age: One year, three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cat
Home: Ohio, USA
   Beans is a very special cat in our family. My grandma loves cats and wound up with lots. All of them were well cared for, yet they attracted more strays to venture in. There was a beautiful striped female cat who came, already pregnant with many kittens. She didn't trust us, yet she tried to warm up to us. Her pregnancy was dangerously close to winter and we had to get her used to us quickly.

     Surprise! Soon she had about eight kittens, all in a box outside. The shed they were staying in was not very warm, so they would need her for a lot of warmth. We gave her a while to come back after she gave birth but she never did. We suspected it was her first birth, the same thing happened with Peanut, my grandpa's Calico. Yet Peanut came back, unlike the striped beauty.

     We took the kittens in and brought them to our house, raising them. The orphaned kittens grew up together, bottle feeding. My mom is a vet and so a few of her freinds took in the kittens they liked. By the time they all almost had homes there were two left, a black and white kitten and a gray and white kitten. Both brothers. The gray one then found a new home. We kept the black and white one and named him Beans. Beans is such a charming kitty. But he can be a pain sometimes when he attacks your feet one minute and rubs on you the next.

     That's the beauty of having a cat though. I couldn't have asked for a better cat in the house than him. He gets along great with the dogs. (In fact- he might think he is one.) My dog Josie will act like he is her baby at times. All this is why I thought he should be honored.

Beans the Cat
Beans the Cat
Beans the Cat

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