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Zou-Zou the American shorthair
Name: Zou-Zou
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: American shorthair
Home: Los Angeles, California, USA
   Hi, my name is - well, I have many names, actually. I live on a hill in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles and spend my days and nights making the rounds of the many charming folks who live there and who think I am adorable (it doesn't take more than one visit to find out who they are). "Oh, look, it's Buster!" they'll say. Or "Oh, look who just appeared, it's Alphonse!" Or, "Zou-zou! You've been away too long, come in and have some milk and crunchies!" I am always happy to oblige.

     Actually I do very well. I am quite fit and well-rounded and do not wear one of those dreadful collars. I love to purr when stroked, especially when it's around the ears and cheeks, and I am happy to rub up against sympathetic legs. And I'm not a bad conversationalist either when the occasion demands. I've been known to arrive just in time for dinner parties. Once I even sat on one of the guests' laps during the cocktail hour. But then at a certain point I've had enough and its time to go on to the next venue. I appreciate it when my hosts leave the door slightly ajar so that I can discreetly disappear onto the street whenever I feel the urge.

     Please do not call me a stray. I think of myself rather in the French mode as a chat flâneur - a bon vivant stroller of the boulevards.

Zou-Zou the American shorthair Zou-Zou the American shorthair

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