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Minda the Longhair Cat
Name: Minda
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Longhair Cat
Home: Czech Republic
   Minda is long-haired black she-cat who likes company and large space for running. She's about six years old, smaller and very clever cat. She learnt how to open some doors, when she wants to go out on the garden, she always says her "squeaky meow" and she also understands to words such as "sit" or "come here." Minda is also very good and patient hunter - once she brought us a wild rabbit! She's known as "tree cat" because she climbs everything - trees, rocks, furtiture, ... She loves to attack things and loves lot of food. But somethimes she goes crazy and very timid. She has probably some emotional problems (which we don't know how to "heal"). The reason of it is because she wasn't always with us from very first start,

     Once we decided to acquire a cat (very spoiled tom). The tom was so picky that he never finished his meal and we had to give it outside for other cats to eat the residues (they all belonged to someone). But one day, into our garden entered a very small dirty kitten - it was Minda. She wasn't so scared of us because she needed some food. But we still thought she belonged to someone. But soon Minda was coming to us every day, still so skinny, still so hungry. Once I was walking home and I saw her on the road - she was lying on the frozen ground (probably hit by a car). I took her to vet and then to our home. My parents weren't happy about that but Minda needed to stay. So we let her with us and now she's a grown up beautiful cat who fight to defend her new territory. I'm so glad that she stayed with us and that she's happy.

Minda the Longhair Cat Minda the Longhair Cat Minda the Longhair Cat

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