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Ossie the Domestic Shorthair
Name: Ossie
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Domestic Shorthair
Home: Devon, England, United Kingdom
   This is my cat Ossie! He is a three-year-old male. This is my beautiful and special cat Ossie! Unfortunately, last year, Ossie got hit by a car. He suffered many injuries to the top part of his body such as breaks in his face and the obvious loss of one eye. We did everything we could to save Ossie and the wonderful vets did a great job! However, the vets were unsure if he had suffered from brain damage and told us that he was blind in his other eye and cannot see anything.

     After months of surgery and intensive care Ossie returned home to us. It was very hard at first as the injuries to his jaws made it hard for him to eat. We tried to feed him by hand, as we thought it would be the only way, but all he wanted to do was eat with his brother, go outside and play and be back to normal!

     It took Ossie a while to recover but now, almost a year later, he is venturing out into our new garden and playing with his brother and older cat friend that we own. He even catches animals still! Although he can hardly see (we believe he can see slightly, but only light and shapes), Ossie is perfectly happy and is enjoying a great life with us! He is now a house pet more than an outdoor cat but we love cuddling him and caring for him. He is so affectionate and loves his life!

Ossie the Domestic Shorthair Ossie the Domestic Shorthair Ossie the Domestic Shorthair

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