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Oscar the Ginger Tabby
Name: Oscar
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ginger Tabby
Home: Scotland, UK
   Oscar is four years old. We live in Scotland and have two cats, another called Kimi. Our baby boy is called Brodie and is six months old, and Oscar has become like his guardian kitty.

     Says Brodie: "Since I came home, Oscar is never far. He even curls up in my pushchair basket. Daddy tries to show me how to call Oscar over so I can pet him. And makes sure I'm gentle when I pet him. He doesn't want Oscar to be frightened of me. Oscar likes to make sure that weaning is going well and I'm getting enough vegetables, so I grow big and strong. At the end of a busy day, Oscar loves to curl up on my big, snuggle elephant."

     We adopted Oscar when he was a kitten and have had him for four years. He is a ginger tabby domestic shorthair. We decided to get him for company for our other car Kimi (who was not impressed). He is such a friendly cat, wanting to play all the time, but Kimi is more of a loner. He is super energetic, always wanting to explore outside and goes quite far. His favorite toy is da Bird and he likes to stalk and leap at it. He always finds the sunniest place to lie and sleep no matter what, even if it's a small spot, he crams himself on it because he's a big boy.

     Here are two of his videos -Oscar and his tiny human and Baby Oscar. And he and Kimi have their Facebook page, too.

Oscar the Ginger Tabby Oscar the Ginger Tabby

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