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Max the Medium-hair Cat
Name: Max
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Medium-hair Cat
Home: Virginia, USA
   Max is a seven-year-old medium-haired grey cat. A friend at work had a beautiful young cat that got out before she had been spayed and got pregnant(!) Four sweet kittens resulted and I adopted Max and his ginger brother Jasper. They get along very well and love to frolic both in and out of doors.

     I think Max is the gentlest and most affectionate cat I have ever known; he will even act as a pillow for his brother sometimes as you can see in one of the pictures. He is also an impressive hunter and will eat rodents in spite of being very well fed at home. He likes to nest in my handbag although I think the sheepskin is really more comfy. Everyone who meets him loves him and I feel very lucky to have such a fine cat. I love his brother too, but this is Max's day.

Max the Medium-hair Cat Max the Medium-hair Cat Max the Medium-hair Cat Max the Medium-hair Cat

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