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Gwen the Maine Coon
Name: Gwen
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Maine Coon
Home: Pierre, South Dakota, USA
   We got Gwen, (a.k.a. Gwennie, Gwendeline, or Gwen Stefani) from our town's Humane Society. She was a stray that was found in the streets with a bad tear on her left hind leg and bunches of her fur was gone. Our family was asked to foster her while, since we were a pet family. For a certain reason, we had never found out her age but we guessed two or three years. She was such a lovely cat in our house, along with the other two cats we had, so we decided that we'd take her instead. And when we decided to keep her, even the dogs took a liking to the little sweetheart.

     Gwen is one of the most playful cats we've ever had, she gets along so well with the other two. Being so energetic at night is always and entertaining thing to watch as she runs back and forth through the house. Gwen loves people and loves to be held. If you pick her up, she'll just rub against your arms until you set her down, which then she will rub against your legs until you give her attention. She and our other younger cat both chase any toys that they can find, such as tennis balls, feathers, and even the socks in the laundry room. She practically purrs at anything that happens, and the purr is also as loud as her eyes are bright! She certainly is a beautiful, soft, cuddly kitty to have in this family, and we knew that if we hadn't adopted her, we wouldn't have been as happy as we are with her.

     Although she is one of the best, she always has room in her schedule for a picture.Although she is one of the best, she always has room in her schedule for a picture.

Gwen the Maine Coon Gwen the Maine Coon

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