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Aristotle the Siamese
Name: Aristotle
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Siamese
Home: Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA
   One day I was at the vet for a routine vaccination and check-up for my eight-year old black cat Caesar. I was in the reception area waiting to be called when a Veterinary Assistant came out from the back. In her hands was a little squeaking ball of brown and white fur. She went to another lady in the reception area and showed her a very small Siamese kitten. The woman asked the Vet Assistant where it came from. She said he was found with a litter of kittens that were about five weeks old, and they were still trying to gather them all together. The lady said she would love to take him, but she had to ask her husband. When the lady left, I quickly spoke up and said if the lady couldn't take him I would. I was familiar with the breed from having one as a young girl when I lived in Germany.

     I went home with Caesar, not really holding out a whole lot of hope of hearing anything further about the little Siamese. A day later, just as I had come home from work, my phone rang ... it was the vet calling and asked me if I was still interested in the Siamese kitten. I said, "Absolutely!" I wasted no time going to pick him up.

     I brought him home and placed him in my room in a cardboard box big enough for a couple of small blankets, a small litter pan, food and water dishes. He slept for a short time and when he woke up, he quickly jumped out of the box and began exploring. I put him up on my bed and played with him. Soon the frisky little guy was playing fetch with me and my bed quickly became his "safe-zone" when he became anxious or scared. I decided on the noble name Aristotle, to be Caesar's little companion.

     Ari turned eight this year and has grown more vocal and more needy after losing Caesar two years ago in September. Ari still considers my bed his "safe zone" and he still loves to play fetch with his favorite crinkly ball.

Aristotle the Siamese

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