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Lily the Tortoiseshell
Name: Lily
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tortoiseshell
Home: England, UK
   Lily loves playing with her toy mouse. and LOVES her treats. One time she ate the whole pot of them when everyone was asleep, but I think she shared a few with the kitten. She likes to be by herself unless I'm feeding her or giving her treats. She'll sit by the window and watch the birds and squirrels for hours.

     When we were first looking to get a kitten we were looking for a tabby, but when we found Lily we just couldn't resist! Even though she has a heart murmur she still has time to run around with the little kitten, but she has to stop and take rests which is good because it gives us more time to stroke her soft fur. When I give her her treats she sits on her back legs and taps my hand, so I then give her the treat. She loves cuddles at night when I'm in bed and loves her belly rubbed.

     Because of her heart murmur we have been advised not to let her have kittens, but she got the chance to be a mum when we got a kitten a few months ago. Lily took it upon herself to look after her, followed her everywhere and kept on cleaning her. She is such a lovely cat and very quickly became a member of our family.

Lily the Tortoiseshell Lily the Tortoiseshell

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