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Zero the Tabby
Name: Zero
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Waterlooville, Hampshire, England, UK
   This is my adventurous cat called Zero. Although he's the grand old age of eleven, I never knew him as a kitten. We adopted him and his sister (Roxy) from The Ark ten years ago when they had been abandoned by their previous owners. Originally, as a family, we only intended to get one pussycat, but as they were both gorgeous and inseparable we came back with two. Sadly Roxy is no longer with us and has gone to Kitty Heaven and is looking down from us over the Rainbow Bridge. Yet Zero is fighting strong and is full of mischief and is a great explorer.

     His favourite hobbies are laying on fluffy pillows, catching birds to give to us as presents on the doorstep, playing with his hand-made catnip mouse and also hoola-hooping with mini disco rings around his neck. Zero does have rather expensive tastes and only eats ‘Sheba' catfood, tuna or ham. He also enjoy drinking evaporated milk. So much so at Christmas he had his own hand-made stocking on the fireplace containing kitty treats (including catnip mice, tuna, evap milk and toy ball). However, I did have to hide the stocking under the stairs until Santa arrived early Christmas morning as Zero kept attacking it, due to the smell of ‘nip.'

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