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Renfield the Maine Coon Mix, the Cat of the Day
Name: Renfield
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Maine Coon Mix
Home: Portland, Oregon, USA
   Renfield is a wonderful, gorgeous cat. Renfield came to us from a shelter where he had landed after his owners were unable to keep him. We got after our older cat died and he quickly ruled the roost and made fast friends with our other older cat Herbie. About a year later, Herbie died and Renfleld was so sad we had to get him another cat!

     Renfield loves attention and is quite vocal and demanding about what he wants, including having his litter box cleaned and his food freshened first thing in the morning. He is very good at settling into the crook of your arm when he wants to sleep with you (no cat hair in the face). He is a bit shy with strangers but once he has seen people a few times he gets brave and demands attention from them as well.

     Renfield is a love. He's a terrific snuggler and a great napping companions. He is also a good sibling to his cat sister Lucy.

Renfield the Maine Coon Mix, the Cat of the Day

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