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Philip, Bay Bay the Tabby Cats, the Cat of the Day
Name: Philip, Bay Bay
Age: Two years old, three years old
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Tabby
Home: United States
   Philip and Bay Bay were in the shelter together, and they were buddies. The people at the shelter said Bay Bay was abused, and Philip was in a poor home. Philip is a two-year-old male tabby and Bay Bay is a three-year-old female. These two were inseparable at the shelter. They always stayed with each other, slept together and ate together. So when they were adopted, we picked and wanted Philip, but in order to take him, I had to take Bay Bay too.

     I already had my cats Keke and Kallie, so bringing Bay Bay and Philip home I knew they had to be easy-going cats. They love to play.Philip is so loving that he is constantly trying to rub his face on you, everywhere you are. He is super loving. Bay Bay is also loving; she just purrs and purrs. She follows you everywhere. These cats are super sweet, So I'm glad to have them with us now, and Keke and Kallie are also.

Philip, Bay Bay the Tabby Cats, the Cat of the Day Philip, Bay Bay the Tabby Cats, the Cat of the Day

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